About The Dax Foundation

Our Mission 

To help the families and children of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and other families in need.

The DAX Foundation met the initial goal of running St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for ONE day in honor of Dax by raising 1.6 million dollars!!!   



The DAX Foundation's Objectives: 


Sponsor the children of Camp Hope: The DAX Foundation sends 140 campers to Camp Hope. Camp Hope is a week long summer camp for children ages 5-18. The campers are allowed to participate in activities that “normal” children can while constantly being monitored by medical professionals.


Create community for St. Jude families: Provide opportunities for families to honor their children and reach out to other families in the community. One event that the foundation will highlight is a Mothers Who Know Luncheon.


Spread hope: The foundation will work with educators and schools all across the country to fill the hallways with HOPE! These events will include but are not limited to week long coin wars in high schools, putting up hearts in the hallways in elementary schools, hosting a bike-a-thon at an early childhood education facility and much more.


Support families and children of St. Jude: The foundation offers DAX grants to St. Jude families requesting assistance. These grants may assist families with utility bills, mortgage bills, etc.