At Camp Hope, St. Jude patients can enjoy being kids. At Camp Hope sickness takes a backseat to creating life-long friends and lasting memories!

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At Camp HOPE we provide Help, HOPE, and a very special kind of Healing for seriously ill children and their siblings… free of charge.  We are dedicated to providing kids with cancer and blood disorders, from all over the state of Illinois, the opportunity to experience the joys of childhood and the feeling of just being a kid again. 


Camp HOPE is a brand new camp that will have kids smiling, laughing, and playing, but most importantly, it will provide a sense of belonging to kids that may feel alone while fighting their disease. Camp HOPE will provide community and belonging.  You’re never alone at Camp HOPE!


Who can attend?  

Cancer and blood disorder patients and one sibling ages 6-16 years old.  If you are a former camper over the age of 16 and you are interested in leadership training, we have a program for you too.  Our LIT (Leader in Training) is a great opportunity for former campers age 17-19.  Participants in the LIT program will receive group leadership training and on-on-one mentoring.  Our LIT’s will have the opportunity to practice these skills working alongside counselors or program staff in our summer camp program.


When is Camp HOPE?

June 17-22, 2018


Where will the camp be held?

Timber Point Outdoor Center

20 Timber Point Lane

Hudson, IL 61748


What do we do at camp!


The better question is, “what don’t we do at camp!!”    We will do all of the fun things you expect at camp such as boating, fishing, swimming, zip line, challenge course, target sports, cooking, singing, dancing crafts, horseback riding, and much, much, more.  We mix that with a lot of special visitors and special events that add up to a week full of craziness!


If you would like to attend Camp HOPE, just click on the registration link and get started.  Please note, if you are a sibling of a patient you will automatically be prompted to sign up for the waiting list as we will accept siblings of the youngest patients with higher priority. We hope to include all siblings but space for our camp is limited to 150 camper.  When prompted to do so, please fill out your full registration form as soon as possible to ensure a spot for your camper.  Please Note-If prompted to pay a fee, just “decline payment” as this is built into the system.



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Camp HOPE is a week long summer camp with some very special campers. For 6 years, The Dax Foundation has raised money to send St. Jude patients to camp where they have a week of games, adventures and friendships with other campers.



Camp Wish List



Camp HOPE is a camp that the cancer patients and blood disorder patients ages 6-16 and their sibling attend for a week each summer.  We do many activities the week and would love your help collecting these items.


Craft Items Needed



Fun Spools of ribbon- assorted colors

Can use more colors

Dick Blick

Embroidery floss- all colors


Dick Blick

Safety pins

At least 1000 safety pins




Dick Blick

Masking tape


Dick Blick

Craft jewels


Dick Blick

Nail polishes – fun colors & black –and- nail polish remover

No limit!




Dick Blick

Large Seed beads in tubes at WalMart – all colors

10 tubes


Fake nails, and accessories such as stickers

No limit!


Snap swivels from Bass Pro shops silver or gold (size 7)

At least 400


Face Paint (good quality so that they don’t itch)


Dick Blick



Dick Blick

Sharpie markers – all colors

No Limit!

Dick Blick (can always use more!)

Rubber bands- assorted colors

At least 6,000 (plain and colored)




Dick Blick



Dick Blick



Dick Blick

Fabric Markers


Dick Blick

Fabric paints


Dick Blick

Pom pons


Dick Blick

Craft jump rings


Dick Blick

Colored Duct tape regular and hot colors!!!

No Limit!

Dick Blick



Dick Blick

Crayola paint (gallons) (2)

(2) red, and 1 gray


Tacky Craft Glue


Dick Blick

Thin 8x10 (or bigger) canvases for mosaic crafts


Dick Blick

Used CD’s for mosaic project

No Limit!


Puff Paint

No Limit!




Dick Blick

Jumbo Craft Sticks


Dick Blick

White computer paper


Dick Blick

Para Cord –and- Para Cord Buckle Clips



Gecko Cord



Pipe Cleaners


Dick Blick

Paint Brushes


Dick Blick

Thick Elastic (tutu’s)

No Limit!


Fun colored tulle  (tutu’s)

No Limit!  


Thick spools of colored ribbon (tutu’s)

No Limit! 


Sporting Equipment Needed



Nerf Balls



Water guns (big or small)

At least 50


Outdoor games: frisbees, rubber kick balls, soft dodge balls, flags for flag football, jump ropes, etc.

No Limit!





Household Items



Plastic table cloths round



Plastic table cloth rectangle



Ziploc Storage Bags (snack, sandwich, gallon)

Gallon (5 boxes), Sandwich (8 boxes), Snack (3 boxes)


Decorations: Decades (Stone age, 20’s flappers, 50’s Sock Hop, 60’s Hippies, 80’s Workout)

We will purchase or provide a list

Theme items to hand out each day: Stone Age: (plastic clubs, animal print bandanas, bone bows, etc)

200 items daily (i.e. 200 animal print bandanas)

Clorox Wipes

20 containers


Paper Towels

30 rolls


Garbage Bags (large yard bags)

At least 200 count


Games and cards

No Limit!


Gently used furniture: couches, chairs, etc for teen area


Plastic bowls



Plastic Plates






Plastic Cutlery (spoons, forks, knives) (large package!)

100-200 of each item

Costco (?)

Paper cups for paint

At least 300


Baby Wipes to wipe hands (at least 10 packages)

10 packages


Parchment paper

4 rolls


active dry yeast

6 jars


Prank items: (easily washable/cleanable) (ex: plastic bugs and snakes, toilet paper rolls, cheap tampons, etc.)

No Limit!


Large plastic mixing bowls


Dollar Tree

Disposable cookie sheets



Flour largest bags you can find (50 lbs)




6 containers


Sugar-largest bags you can find (50 lbs)



coarse sea salt

6 containers



12 containers


Windshields for golf carts



Fairy lights for golf carts

20 strands


bags of individually wrapped candy



Fire pit pie maker items (white bread, cans of pie filling) 


8 loaves of bread
6 cans of blueberry pie filling
6 cans of apple pie filling
6 cans of cherry pie filling


Fire pit s’more items (marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars)

Marshmallows (25-30 bags), Hershey bars (15 packages), Graham Crackers (25-30 boxes)


Keurig K-Cups: hot choc., cappuccinos, apple cider, flavored coffee, regular coffee, pump-able



flash lights



creamers, coffee “mix-ins” (sugar packets, creamer packets)



Gift cards for prizes

No Limit!


Rubbermaid containers (shoebox size)



Rubbermaid food storage containers (any size for craft items)



Laundry bags for each participant



Large totes to pack things in



Kitchen towels (new or used, but clean)



Wash cloths



Hot pads



Tea party sets for little girls

Enough for 12-15 kids








Perishable Items



Cheese dip



















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At Camp Hope, St. Jude patients can enjoy being kids. This escape from their difficult reality is so important. Every camper has faced a life-threatening disease or may be in the midst of a battle. At Camp Hope sickness takes a backseat to creating life-long friends and lasting memories!

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